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At Cosby Septic and Excavating Services Ltd, we offer a variety of septic services to residential and commercial clients in the Niagara Region and Golden Horseshoe. Whether you own a large home just outside of town, a small waterfront cottage, a hobby farm or a commercial establishment, we've got the equipment, knowledge and experience for any sized project. We can return your septic system to good working order, and put you on a maintenance schedule so that your septic system functions trouble-free for many years to come.
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Septic tank and holding tank pumping have always been the main focus of Cosby’s Septic & Excavating Services Ltd.
Septic Tanks
We install septic tanks suitable for all terrains and properties, we are able to assess which is right for your home.
Septic System Installations
All new septic systems in Ontario have to meet Ontario Building Code (OBC) standards. They must be designed by a qualified septic designer with a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN). Cosby Septic & Excavating Services Septic is a qualified designer with a current BCIN and we install septic systems in that meet and exceed OBC standards. The size of the septic tank and leaching field are determined by two things:
  1. The type of native soil where it's being installed
  2. The "daily design flow" (how much water the building is going to use at maximum occupancy)
The OBC requires that septic systems have to be brought up to today's standards if a house is being altered or renovated in any one of three ways:
  1. Adding more than 15% to the total living area
  2. Adding a bedroom
  3. Adding any plumbing fixtures to the house
If none of these 3 things apply to your project, then you're allowed to simply repair your septic system, which is usually much less expensive.
Holding Tanks
Some on-site systems are designed only to store wastewater, which is then pumped out from the tank and transported elsewhere for treatment. These systems are often used on plots of lands or landscapes where a full septic system, with a field bed, is just not possible due to land or size restrictions. Holding tank systems have an alarm to notify you when it is nearly full, and usually require an ongoing service contract as their volume loads increase with usage.
Commercial / Residential
We provide septic services to large organizations with commercial systems that require more regular cleaning and maintenance. Holding tanks, for example, don't have septic leaching fields therefore the tanks need to be emptied when they fill up - sometimes monthly, weekly or every few days. We can monitor your system and service it as needed.
Pump Chambers
Some larger systems, or systems with a raised field bed, use a pump to carry effluent to the drainage field. Located in a separate chamber, these pumps eventually require maintenance or replacement.
Septic Tank Locating
Find out the exact location of your tank and field bed before digging or building on your property. Everyone with a septic system should know its location. Septic problems usually just happen, so knowing where the tank is located is crucial. We have lots of experience locating septic tanks and provide excellent septic tank location services. Note: Any system installed after January 1, 2007 has an "effluent filter" and has lids on the tank that are not covered by anything. This standard was created so that septic tanks would be more easily accessible.
Septic System Inspections
Septic systems installed after January 1, 2007 are equipped with a sewage effluent filter. This filter extends the life of the system by minimizing sludge and suspended solids from passing into the septic leaching bed from the tank. The filter does require an annual maintenance. This is why septic tank lids on installations after this date cannot be covered - they need to be easily accessible. Septic systems installed before 2007 should be inspected every 3 years for recommended usage of the tank. However if the tank is used minimally, inspections can sometimes be stretched to 4 or 5 years.
Condition Inspection
Common for real estate companies and potential buyers/sellers, we can perform an inspection of your entire septic system and ensure that it is running properly and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Septic System Repairs
We proudly provide septic system repair services to customers in the Niagara Region including; Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Wainfleet, Welland, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Fonthill, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Dunnville and Grimsby. Most problems have the same messy result of waste water coming back up through the drains! Rates and scheduling are determined on per project basis, we will come out and give you a recommendation on how to proceed with a fix. Below are a few of the problems which can cause this mess, we find and fix these issues:
  • A pipe blockage between the home and septic tank
  • Sewage effluent filter is blocked
  • Failing of the sewage effluent pump
No job is too big or too small for the Cosby team, we can do any type of repair, and we strive to be the best, let us prove it to you.
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Cosby’s Septic & Excavating Services’s licened experts specialized in residential and commercial wastewater disposal, new installations of septic systems, holding tanks and repairs since 1960. We have been providing this service through 3 generations. The company operates from Sherkston, Ontario. Proudly serving the Niagara Region for over 50 years!